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The Treasure Valley Hemp Conference is a hemp focused agricultural event designed to bring growers, vendors, manufacturers in the industry, and the public, all together in order to increase our shared knowledge as a means to foster success for all.  The conference will also provide opportunities for the public to learn about hemp and other natural products for personal health.


Growing hemp in 2019 did not turn out to be the green rush for many growers.


A steep learning curve coupled with expensive upfront costs and labor intensive operations caused many hemp growers to make less per acre than the crop penciled out to on paper at the beginning of the season.  Many growers encountered problems with seed quality, weeds, irrigation, plant nutrition, harvest, and marketing.


We are offering the Hemp Growers Classroom Series to help educate hemp growers about a crop most are very curious about as well as help remedy some of the reasons that the 2019 crop was less successful than desired.  The Hemp Growers Classroom Series includes lunch each day and a social mixer Friday evening for the attendees and vendors to have a chance to meet and chat.


Topics include:
Field selection and preparation
Choosing the right seed
Timing of operations
Weed and pest management
Optimum irrigation and nutrition management
Compliance with current rules
Harvest practices
Post harvest handling
And much more!


Not a farmer, but interested in the health benefits of hemp?
Join us for a full day of informational seminars about hemp, CBD, the endocannabinoid system, and ways that hemp benefits the environment.

Treasure Valley Health Seminar – Free to the public February 22, 2019!


The trade show and the health seminar are open to the public.  The public health classes cover topics by expert speakers and panels who have the experience to help improve the quality of life for many people.  Those paying to attend the Hemp Growers Classroom Series will receive tickets for the lunches and the evening reception.